Where have You Been Joshywashignton?

17 Mar

Dude, it has been a while! I have been blogging on my new travel site, traveling, cooking up other projects and cooking wontons.

Well, for starters I was planning and executing a 5 week trip across Argentina which took up most of much of Jan and all of Feb. As a result all of my blogging energy has gone towards publishing travel content on my new site…Travel Media Ninja.

I have some other pots on the proverbial stove, some projects and new travels are in the works and I will let the lid off for you to take a whiff soon enough.

Other than that, it is business as usual in Seattle. Enjoying dinners out with Bridget, playing Kinect for Xbox 360 and continuing to explore the city on my mountain bike.

So are you done blogging here or what??

Noooooo, I have just taken a little holiday, trying to grow my new site and throw fuel on the travel media fire. Joshywashington.wordpress will continue to be a refuge for me to rant and be weird and fascinate you with the irreverent nonsense that fill my life.

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Notes on writing a blog about Christmas

26 Dec

Christmas ended 22 minutes ago.

It slipped away between Hulu advertising breaks of 44 seconds and crept back to its cave to sleep off the epic bender of gift swapping and ham dinners.

The proper way to write a Christmas blog is to first wish everybody MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Then you say things like, ‘Oh, this Christmas was great’ and go on to list the gifts you received.

INCLUDING but not limited to

books (one recounting survival techniques including how to use a magazine to maim an attacker)
beer stein
3 scarves
Transformers calendar
paper shredder
hat that resembles a raccoon

You are glad Christmas is over. Christmas makes you tired, anxious, happy, grumpy, nostalgic, gassy and ultimately, after yet another handful of peanut M&M’s, stupefyingly tired.

The only thing to do is crack a beer, watch an episode of South Park or two in a reclined position and write a Christmas blog.

Please Check Out My New Site : Travel Media Ninja.com

9 Dec

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Please join me at my new website for my latest travel adventures.

I wanted to let you know that I have created a new site, www.travelmedianinja.com that will be the home for my travel related content moving forward. I chose to create a new site for a number of reasons; I wanted to switch from WordPress.com to WordPress.org for more theme options, more functionality and options.

Pretty please subscribe to my new site, “like” my homepage on Stumble and if you feel called share on Facebook, Twitter ect…

I wanted to give my media concerning travel, travel lifestyle and travel media projects a dedicated URL. I also wanted the increased SEO capabilities and design options that a WordPress.org site allows.

I chose to do this now because I have impending travels to South America afoot, I am creating more travel related content in the Seattle area and am planning projects that need a good home.

This blog will remain my sounding board for the rest of my life, my ramblings, personal life and any other Joshywashington stuff that isn’t really travel related. I will still be updating this blog but the tone will be more personal, off topic and well…whatever I feel like writing!

You will notice that some of my favorite travel content from this site is also on Travel Media Ninja, I exported the contents of this blog and used that as a base for TMN. There are several posts from the last year blogging here that I wanted to share with any new audience that TMN may have moving forward.

Currently there are 8 new posts on Travel Media Ninja that I think my friends here would enjoy.

As always, thank you for being who you are and for connecting with me on this journey.

2 Things Covered in Snow and a Ninja

29 Nov

In Seattle’s recent deluge of snow I found a moment to explore the frozen terrain.

No bees were present at time of the photograph. I was so stoked to look up and see this nest slowly collecting snow I think I squealed.

New snow cling to the side of a Western Red Cedar in Volunteer Park, one of Seattle’s oldest parks and my favorite place to play in the snow.

There are many many great things about the first snow of the season, not the least of which is the enviable opportunity to dress up like a cold-weather ninja. So I ninja romped around as the roads froze and the winds whipped the city like a sadistic dungeon master.

All the snow is melted but I have a feeling more is on the way…time to buy a new sled!

Guest Blog at NW Cheap Sleeps and a new hat

15 Nov

I was lucky enough to do a guest blog at Northwest Cheap Sleeps this past week and I encourage all of my pals to check it out here.

On another note I spent the whole day wandering about a city swathed in fog as Bridget and I nibble piroshkys and ducked into coffee shops. I bought a new Northface coat, a wind proof water repellent little number that I intend to test in Washington’s signature precipitation as soon as I can manage.

I also had a custom hat crafted at Pike Place Market by the dopest of indie street artists, Dan Gregory of 1976.

808pm on a fall day

12 Nov

Right when I sit down to write Bridget starts telling me about some pair of shoes that she lent out and came back all destroyed or something, but what I wanted to write about the dead leaves mooshed into a pulp.

the rain is a spider webby sheet that kind slides side to side

I button up all my buttons and I was wearing wool so you know it was cold. I walked over to our friendly ( moreorless ) neighborhood QFC and purchased the following

one loaf of bread
one beer
one bottle of red wine
one head of lettuce
two bottles of Newman’s Own garlic alfredo
one onion
one 1.5lb package of pre-marinated chicken strips (perfect for fajitas!)
one raspberry vanilla frozen yogurt
one package of 10grain steel cut oats (for breakfast)

pine tar soap
more beer
smoked salmon
lesser quality afredo sauce

Let’s Ride a Bike : Critical Mass Video

10 Nov

Take over the roads every last Friday of the month with Critial Mass! Thank you Nick for inviting me to ride with Seattle’s coolest bicycle clan…

In dozens of cities bicyclists swarm and take over the roads halting traffic and raising awareness for cyclist culture and safety. This was my first Mass and I had a blast riding with a few hundred of fellow cyclists clogging traffic, giving high fives and generally having a blast.

Critical Mass meets in Seattle every last Friday at around 5:30 pm at Westlake Park across from the Westlake Mall.