2009 in 5,4,3,2…

1 Jan

first things last! check out my new vid for Seattleiam.com…

On the 21st as friends close enough to call family clinked little glasses and tossed back patron in celebration of Christmas and Solstice and, well everything, I thought about all the butt-puckering predictions that were cast for 4 years hence. 2012. The Mayans, Nostradamus, countless internet videos, astronomers…more than a few of my conspiracy clutched associates, everyone has something to say about this dubious date with the Unknown.

Oh well. If we are crossing that which star gazers call the galactic plane and the Mayans called the dark rift, the poles could flip, as we know they have hundreds of times in the past and we all would be underwater.
Maybe I should start building my ark.

Last night I slurped pho. Steam curls, dull clinks and free cream puffs. Behind bridget, that is to say in front of me a Chinese trio is sat. The man wears a northface thingy and pinstrip slack with a leather phone case that is like something backman would need, but not this guy. He goes to the bathroom. He washes his hands, I can tell by the way they are slightly red. His speech is muted but furious chatter, spoken through his teeth, glaring down at what is probably his wife. He slaps a check book in his hand, raises his eyebrows, refers to a receipt and spreads his hands in the universal gesture of “What the Fuck?!”
She says nothing.

Today. Medium Americano.
She has a Toshiba and a T-shirt that says supprt student unions. At first I thought it said onions.
Her glassses are like the things you see in yearbook photos from ’78, all thick and pink and translucent.
Her hard drive crashed.

Now I’m watching a man hold a cup of water just above his duaghters reach and she looks up, all of three and cute as a lady bugs belly button and she says “can i have some water” but all slurred and little kiddy.
And he hold it higher and looks around at the little group of adults and looks about all high and mighty like he’s showing how his dog is so polite and barely drools when you tease it and he says “may i please have some water daddy?”
And the cute little kid kicks him in the balls and we all laugh. No, but yeah, I wish.


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