Our First 100 days

4 Feb

A lot is made of Obama’s first 100 days. What will he do? What won’t he do? There is much hand wringing, and finger wagging at our new president.

While typing I hear over a podcast, “For every thousand that are hacking at the leaves of evil, there is one striking at the root.”

I deplore the word evil, as I deplore many words that have been broken of healthy context, but this leaves me thinking about that proverbial Road to Hell.

Let us frame these 100 days, where everything seems frought with peril and the fragility of our structure is laid naked before us, let us frame these 100 days as OUR 100 days.

What have you done for your country, community, neighborhood, friends, foes…what have you done that is not required of you by obstinate obligations?
What have you done that is not for yourself?

Let’s not play out another day looking to some figure of leadership and salvation.
This does not serve us.
What will you do today?


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