I don’t like picking up dog poop.

17 Sep

Finally, after weeks of adventureing from Seattle to Nevada City to Burning Man to Frisco I am posted up with my honey in NOHO…or North Holly wood to those not hip to the LA acronyms.  Bridget and I are doing post production for Black Rock TV, scrubbing and sorting footage, advancing our social media chops  and house sitting for our friends Tom and Ester.

House sitting has its little chores; getting the mail and keeping organisms alive are the main ones.

This house has two organisms, mammals, if you must know, that require our care. A cat, Indigo, which is positively insane and better step off or I swear to god…and the sweetest, cutest little pup a guy could ever want, Rocco.

Rocco is the white little fluffy thing all of 6 lbs and he has to poop and pee and few times a days so I strap him into this sky blue harness and his claws skitter across the concrete while his nose sniffs and sniffs.

The things is, I grew up with dogs in the woods, we had acres and trees and when our pets deficated they did it on their time, out of site completely…basically it was none of my business.

So I am not in the habit of promtly grabbing little piles of shit seconds after they are squeezed from K-9 booty holes.

I don’t want to get usd to this.


2 Responses to “I don’t like picking up dog poop.”

  1. david miller September 17, 2009 at 1:11 pm #

    yeah, i just pulled the ‘fake pickup’ at my neighbors’ across the street house in florida. actually they’re not really neighbors because i’ve never met them and have never even seen them really. i’d say 48% of the houses here in this gated community are 2nd homes owned by ‘snowbirds’ who go back to new jersey or michigan inna de winter.

    florida is kind of a foreign country.

    so yeah, the fake pickup.

    glad to hear y’all are in noho scrubbing away. makes me feel good to hear that.

    been listening to a lot of funkadelic and parliament recently. there’s one song that goes ‘whatever makes my baby feel good, makes me feed good too.’

    you ever hear it?

    wrote about julio today.


  2. Laura Bernhein September 17, 2009 at 4:25 pm #

    hahhahaha, it IS very sad! Even Layla is now pretending she picks up dog’s poop while handling a little plastic bag in her hand…:(

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