Interviewing the cast of HOUSE tonight on the red carpet!

17 Sep

ooooohh! aaaaahh! Residing and pimping social media in Hollywood means celebrities, and tonight Bridget and I interview the cast of House…
…well she interviews them ( and whoever else famous and rich and beautiful who shows up to the premier of the 6th season )
… I am behind the camera. I like being Bridget’s camera monkey, we make a good team, besides with my massive facial deformities I shouldn’t be seen be anyone.

Right, so, funny thing is I don’t have a TV, haven’t watched TV for over a decade ( isolated instances of dancing with the stars, southpark and cheaters aside ) so I have never seen House. I can recognize the bearded dude from the magazines…I guess it is a good thing she is interviewing them and not me!


One Response to “Interviewing the cast of HOUSE tonight on the red carpet!”

  1. david miller September 18, 2009 at 1:36 pm #


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