House Season 6 Premiere Wrap Up

19 Sep

Hugh Laurie aka Dr. House at season 6 premier
All Photos by Bridget O’Neill

A red carpet event on a blue carpet, that’s Hollywood.
Fulla paradox and misdirection.

Bridget and I roll up in a freshly polished 2011 Ford lookin like a six zeros.
We pick up our press passes, check in with Ford’s rep and find our spot behind the velvet rope. Bridget looks the part of gorgeous in polka dots.

To my left TV Guide, to my right Fox…I play it like a crispy cucumber but really I am a bit nervous. I have covered events but this is a whole new ball of floss. Megan, the other Ford Agent, joins us in a gorgeous low back number and we are ready to rock…now all we need is the cast of House.

We are outside the Archlight Theater on Sunset Blvd. Wouldn’t you know it, the sun is setting.

I am behind the camera and Bridget smiles, makes eye contact with Jesse Spencer. He skips over several other venues and heads toward the cute chicks.

House season 6 after party @ The Green Door

House season 6 after party @ The Green Door

The gals giggle and chat and flirt. It is gold.
When asked, Jesse says he is not on Twitter but calls fellow cast member Omar Epps a “twitterhead”. Omar confirms this fact. He is aloof but lights up when asked about his budding twitter addiction.

Bridget is a natural in front of the camera and doesn’t skip a beat interviewing one cast member then the next. You would think she has been working the red/blue carpet for years. Thanks to Bridget, we are swimming in great footage of the gals and the cast.

Hotty of galactic proportions Olivia Wilde steps up as the sun comes in horizontal golden sheets. She lights up and I have a hard time remembering my name…just hold the camera steady Joshy!

Hugh Laurie, the big cheddar Dr. House himself, is cool and sarcastic, quick on his feet and lives up to his on screen persona. He jokes with Bridget, saying he has a core of meaness he draws upon.

The season 6 premiere was astounding. This coming from a dude who proudly watches no TV. The premiere is a stand alone work. At 98 minutes it could do well at the box office.
Shit if this is TV, I might just tune in every so often!
No Spoilers here…hit me up if you really want em though!

The after party was a swank affair with DJ Samantha Ronson spinning and me grinning over my whiskey-7. Sam ends her set with Micheal Jackson’s “Dirty Dianna” and the cast gets on the floor to shake it and spill a few drinks.

Bridget, DJ Samantha Ronson & Meghan Mathes

Bridget, DJ Samantha Ronson & Meghan Mathes

Stay tuned for our coverage of the event!


3 Responses to “House Season 6 Premiere Wrap Up”

  1. kaleidoscopicwandering September 21, 2009 at 5:53 pm #

    How did you guys get the gig of interviewing the folks from House? That’s pretty sweet!

    • joshywashington September 21, 2009 at 7:40 pm #

      She is a Ford Fiesta movement agent and Ford has really taken to her. Ford sponsored the premiere and wanted her to be on the red/blue carpet… it was cool talking to the cast and Bridget has edited an amazing interview.

  2. Abbie October 4, 2009 at 3:01 am #

    I love House! I live so close to LA and miss out on all the fun lol

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