Shamefully, and without warning, I drink my face off :(

1 Oct

the next day...

What was I thinking?
Tequilla for shits and giggles. Cup after cup of red, red wine. Then *tea, then a hot tub then whoa I can’t get my eyes to focus and my lips are my numb face dripping.

Jesus. I stand naked in the rain on a deck of a house that is not mine. I fall into yawning cataract of vertigo and drop to my knees.

A rush of dizziness like my head is falling down a Wisconsin wishing well, turning turning over over. 20 minutes like 20 years. So weak I realize with shame that shrinks into despair that I will have to wake my wife to walk me inside.
She makes a bed for me next to the toilet.

Today a greasy burger and gallons of coffee.
Last time I did that was my bachelor party, damn near five years ago.

sputter shake clutch grimace drool heave cough spit slur rock rack shake shame


One Response to “Shamefully, and without warning, I drink my face off :(”

  1. angryredhead October 1, 2009 at 1:47 pm #

    *pats you on the back

    It’s ok, everyone needs a good black-out drunk every once in awhile. Me, I prefer monthly. Helps put things in perspective.

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