Something is Troubling Me

18 Oct

We, P B J (P@ul Br!dget Jo$h), are sitting on the couch at 2am discussing some of the doozies. The questions of our nature and the nature of things.
We were discussing sex, evolution and beauty when I stated that beauty is a functioning product of evolution, nothing more or less. Everything beautiful in nature is beautifully efficient. A flower is beautiful because its beauty is an advantage to its survival. The very concept of beauty is a marker for what is supremely evolved and appealing to our highly evolved nature.

Walking back to our loft after a scramble and a cup of coffee with Paul this morning I was thinking of the conversation, more specifically Efficiency.

Less efficient systems give way to more efficient systems. It seems that as things advance the efficiency & complexity increases.

Human freewill is the most advanced, perplexing and inefficient factor on the planet. Individual freewill is our greatest blessing and curse. We are piss poor at incorporating it into a holistic system.

This is what is troubling me.

How is it that we, the most advanced biological [non-biological?] system operates under the least efficient system imaginable, freewill.

What is the advantage of freewill? A hive mind, or no mind at all would be much more efficient and less destructive to the planetary system.

Paul sits on the couch. I explain my discomfort with these ponderings.

“Is consciousness a mutation? An evolutionary mistake?”

“Of course it is a mistake!”


2 Responses to “Something is Troubling Me”

  1. Brianne October 20, 2009 at 4:24 am #

    I believe human freewill is actually just our greatest gift, isn’t as ‘free’ as we’d like to believe, and is perfectly efficient in the grander scale of things. The choices we make as humans has done nothing more than evolve and advance us as a species. We live our lives, see something we perceive as inefficient (or ‘wrong’) and want to make better, so we make it better. Then we become more efficient and we advance. This process often either creates new problems we didn’t expect, or allows us to see problems we couldn’t before see, and so we work on solving those problems. We often create (or perceive) problems so we can fix them and in the fixing of them we evolve and the cycle goes on. We create or perceive damage around us, we fix damage around us. The greater the damage, the greater the solution, the quicker the evolution. On the grandest scale, our ‘freewill’ always drives us to make us the best we can be. We too are beautiful. 🙂

    • joshywashington October 22, 2009 at 4:01 am #

      While I consider myself but realistic optimist ( or a optimistic realist ) and I appreciate where your heart is… and I like your new haircut, look fabulous, I cannot allow this human -loving diatribe go unchecked! The human, while attractive, morbidly fascinating and the single greatest expression of earthly life, makes a terrible mess of things and only seems to be concerned with fornication and dancing celebrities.
      I suggest you join me, with the Robots.

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