My 5 cheap Downtown Seattle Eats

3 Jan


I am not going for decadence here, I am going for tasty and frugal! Here are my fav cheap eats around downtown Seattle where I can be spotted several nights a week chowing down.


1103 First Ave.

With one of the best late night happy hours downtown, M&S is a staple hangout.
2 buck jalapeno fried chicken on a biscuit sliders!! Heaven on a fluffy biscuit! The joint is pretty classy and the 2 dollar menu can’t be beat! I also recommend the bruschetta, the cream brule and the hummus. I do not recommend the hot dog sliders.
HH : 4-6 /10-midnight (Monday-Friday)


81 Yesler Way

This is my Pho spot. The Julies crew throw down a huge bowl of pho for 7 bucks. After slurping the dregs of one of these bad boys I always feel like I can take on the world! Julies also whips out Pad Thai, spring rolls and various other dishes, but really, stick to the pho!


205 1st Avenue South

“Medi Mix” is spotted three blocks distant from the wafting aroma of cream cheese hotdogs and the constant gaggle of munchers, pan handlers, shoe shiners and bar hoppers that clog the side walk. Medi mix shares the sidewalk with The Central, where aging grungers crank out the bad music. The Central was built in 1892 and I am told that it is not only one of the oldest bars operating in Seattle but that it is fairly haunted.
Medi Mix serves greasy Philly cheese steak sandwiches, chicken shwarma and importantly, gyros.
This food is not good for you but they are open late. 🙂


807 1st Ave

Contours Happy Hour is so long that you have to try and miss it. When all other happy hours fade away, Contour soldiers on till eight every night. They have a decent 2 buck provolone cheeseburger w/ fries and a variety of other bites for 5 bucks or under. I have been coming here for the happy hour since I was 21 and the place has a little spot in my heart. On the weekend the Contour is a euro-club that is packed with Russian thugs.
HH : M-F ~ 3-8pm / S-S ~ 2-8pm


Grazing in the Market is easy to do. I can stuff my self with a burrito at Taco Loco, they make em huge for 5 bucks, or nibble on of the dozens of specialty food shops that sell fresh curb side food on the cheap. The Market isn’t just for tourists, some of the cheapest and best produce is here with specialty items around every corner. Pike place closes at 6pm.


One Response to “My 5 cheap Downtown Seattle Eats”

  1. Mike Surber January 3, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    Good stiff friendo… I have many pleasant memories of you treating me to a happy hour at Contour!

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