What do you do when you HATE your computer?

8 Mar

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Here we are, on our computers…go figure.

If you are a social media ninja you find yourself stuck to a screen much of your waking hours. What with the blogging, blogging, travel media publishing and promotion, vlogging (editing, uploading), tweeting, commenting, stumbling, chatting, moderating, tagging, linking, liking and readingreadingreading …

Keep your head down and just keep swimming upstream, you tell yourself. Like some haggered spawning salmon, your social media (career, hobby, obsession?) activities and your insatiable need to create ever more content and connections, leaves you feeling thrashed looking for the finish line.

Aye, there’s the rub.
There is no finish line. It never sleeps, never stops for a rest, a bathroom break, it never sits on its thumbs. The space always changes. A million ideas are born and die.
With or without you.

So when the prospect of turning on your computer turns your stomach, what do you do? Your emails have piled up dangerously teetering, unread. Your followers are busy following someone else. Your stats are down. Unproductiveness leads to paranoia and the pressure builds. You pace, fry two eggs and do the dishes.
Anything but a status update. (what/when was your last status update?!)

Reverse psychology.
You tell yourself you want to; you want to write a blog. You want to tweet something pithy. You want links in your status update. You want, nay, NEED #hashtags.
You do, you really do.

But you don’t. You really, really, don’t.

The feeling passes. You make up with your computer and log on. But getting through those digital doldrums is something many of us have to deal with. So much time spent online and at computers definitely takes its toll and social media ninjas must take care of themselves.

I find that balance can only but struck if I a in sync with my physical world and non computer pursuits. If I am reading, exercising, exploring and spending time with loved ones I feel at ease spending great deals of time working on my computer.

As always, for me the word is balance.



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