On the Vernal Equinox

23 Mar

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The first day of Spring was passed shopping for a new mountain bike and digging my toes in the sand with Paul.

aequus (equal) + nox (night) = Equinox, so called because at the time of the equinox day and night are approximatly equal in length. Now Spring comes to Seattle and the sunshine is splashing off the bricks and everybody looks more attractive in sunlight.

I marked the occasion of the equinox by ringing our prayer bell. It is a small, stout bell from Tibet and produces a piercing harmonic warble that sings in three voices.

My roommate and longtime friend Paul ( we met in 6th grade in Ms. Jones class and promptly commenced dedicating thousands of hours to anime, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter ) went shopping for a new bicycle for me. I have been riding the same bike for 5 years ( previously owned by my wife, bought used ) and have rode that sucker into the ground. In the two years I have had my odometer tracking my bike trips I have rode over 2,000 miles, just around Seattle.

The tires leak, the seat snapped off, half a handlebar fell off, the rims are bent, the brakes ~ demolished and the gear shifter will only shift to 3 of the 15 gears. The bike was utterly beaten.
Paul and I spent the day in bike shops comparing front shocks and price tags. We decided on a white Giant Boulder, a squeaky clean mountain bike. It wouldn’t have happened without Paul, thank you amigo!

I broke in my new bike with a downhill run from Velo on Capitol Hill to downtown, wending through traffic cones and pedestrians. Paul and I said a quick hello to Bridget and scooted to Golden Gardens park, one of two places you can find a sandy beach in Seattle. With the sunshine all day the park was pregnant with families and BBQ’rs. But now the clouds are rolling from the West casting a steely cold sunset over Eliot Bay.

We laid our blankets on the ground and put our feet in the sand. That sand between my toes and the steady march of the clouds beyond are Spring. And the expecting mother chasing the little boy are Spring. I took out my camera and found their perfect silhouettes against the water to much to pass up.

A Very Short Video

Lastly, I came home for some good old fashion StumbleUpon vegging out. I love Stumble, it constantly brings me little nuggets from the web I would never have found.
Like Solar Beat.

How fitting that on the equinox I should find a solar system simulator that signals the rotating of each planets with a specific note, creating a whimsical harmony and a pleasant distraction. Waiting 248 Earth rotations to hear the chime of Pluto is well worth it.



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