You Will Have a Long and Healthy Life …in bed

24 Mar

Have you ever eaten a whole bag of fortune cookies?

One of the advantages of living downtown is the favorable proximity to the International district and its dim sum and grocery options. At one such store I came upon a whole rack of fortune cookies. The hall mark of Chinese cuisine in my American life is the presentation, the cracking and the ritualistic readings of the fortunes.

The cookies themselves are splendid food of the highest order. Crispy, light and subtle and sweet, the cookie seems to melt in your mouth. Although there are many flavors of fortune cookie available; ginger, lemon, mocha…vanilla is the only option.

We sit in office chairs, Paul, Bridget and I, and crack into our cookies.

“You will have good luck in the springtime.”

“You will receive an invitation from an unexpected source.”

“Your ideas will be needed to solve a problem.”

We take turns eating fortune cookies, each reading their future until the bag is empty.
I feel luckier already.


One Response to “You Will Have a Long and Healthy Life …in bed”

  1. Abbie March 26, 2010 at 3:11 am #

    I like to think of them more as comment cookies than fortune cookies because half the time they aren’t truly “fortunes.” It frustrates me.

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