Video! American Southwest Road Trip

26 Mar

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My Grandpa Ben and I continue our journey through the American Southwest in this 3rd video from our RV adventures. We break down in the badlands, visit Zion and take a stroll the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon National Park.

Every morning we would make instant coffee in the cramped sink and maybe scramble some eggs. I might chop up some bologna and throw it in there. Grandpa also liked fast food breakfast, which agreed with me. After our bellies are full he highway miles are marked with philosophical quandaries and gripes over the government. Why are people so selfish and unthinking? What is the solution to our flawed government? What is the nature of reality? What, if anything, can a single man do?

We didn’t know.
Driving; the freedom of not having anywhere to go but where we wanted to go. Namely, national parks and oceans and giant craters and mesoamerican indian ruins- the whole open highway for conversation and prairie parallax reveries. All in a musty yet maintained, dirty but diligent 21 ft camper.

A lot of people didn’t get much time with their grandparents. In this I am grateful to have known 6 of my Great Grandparents and have grown up with 6 Grandparents, only one of which has passed. I am lucky.

My two and a half weeks with Ben moving through the American Southwest, living on the road together is something I will never forget. The double blessing of getting to know my grandpa and my country is more than any guy could ask for.


3 Responses to “Video! American Southwest Road Trip”

  1. Cory aka Mom March 27, 2010 at 3:24 am #

    You are lucky, despite tragedy in our can we be so damn lucky?! This is a great piece and I love the video and , as yo know, I share a fair amount of your blogs and vidoes on my FB page and this video got some of the most comments yet…and maybe that is because lots of people know you and G-pa Ben or maybe because it touched a thread in everyone’s lives–the grand parents they have, the ones they did have, the ones they never had.
    And then there is the fact I spent three weeks in the same musty yet maintained, dirty but diligent 17 ft. camper with my dad, G-pa Ben, and your sister rolling down the American highways across the country and back…..

  2. Ben, AKA Grandpa March 27, 2010 at 5:52 am #

    I hope Cory and Josh don’t call my beautiful 21 FOOT Dolphin MOTOR HOME, a 17 ft. camper in front of my beautiful 21 ft. Dolphin motor home. It would be very upset, and probably immediately break down if either of you step inside again.
    I’m really intrigued and excited to find out how you got out of that terrible situation out in the middle of nowhere 50 miles from nowhere. I’ll be excitedly waiting for the next episode. —- ——— Great mixing Josh.
    Grandpa Ben

  3. Brent Haydock March 27, 2010 at 9:42 am #

    I love my family.

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