HOW TO STASH YOUR CASH…5 steps to traveling with a small fortune.

15 May

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Every so often a traveler may find himself carrying large quantities of cash. I define “large quantity” as any amount that makes you feel ill at ease. For some this is $500 for others it is $50,000.

FOR ME IT WAS $2,000 saved while teaching English under the table over several months.

I hauled the money around with a sense of dis-ease that is typical of vast financial discrepancies between you and your surrounding humans.

If you have to travel with a big chunk of change you better develop an air-tight system to STASH YOUR CASH.

Divide up your dough into several currency caches. Should a sneaky vagabond or border guard come upon your cash they will not be privy to your whole stash if it is spread out in several concealed pockets.

While traveling with 2k I kept $400 in my toiletry bag, $400 in my travel pillow, $400 with my important documents, $400 tripod case and $400 taped to the inside of my Portable Steinbeck.

This placement may either seem redundant or clever, regardless it afforded my some small degree of peace of mind that I was one-upping potential thieves.

There is absolutely no reason to enlighten your fellow traveler to your pile of money. I don’t care if you like this person, just had sex with this person, trust this person… it will not benefit you to disclose this secret.

If you have to tell secrets go on and blab about how you are afraid of clowns and were held back in 6th grade. But for the love of god, shut up about your dough.

If uniformed guard asks you how much money you are bringing into the country what do you say? Well, moral code aside, I would tend to lie. I see no reason to arouse temptation or suspicion or potentially bribe hungry guards or the touts that they can dispatch to follow you.

Whenever you can change large quantities of a local currency into greenback 20’s or 100 dollar bills. Now instead of a giant flopping wad of Vietnamese Dong you have a slip fold of Benjamins. Easier to hide and keep track of but also easier to loose.

Ordinary in the fact that you have a $120 in your money belt, $50 in your wallet and a smattering of crumbled bills in your pockets.

If you are carrying a small fortune have token amounts of cash in all the right places. Don’t put yourself in a position to have to dig into your big stash to pay for your cab and don’t appear to not have any money on you.

Everybody carries some cash. Blend in.


2 Responses to “HOW TO STASH YOUR CASH…5 steps to traveling with a small fortune.”

  1. ryukyumike May 16, 2010 at 3:47 am #

    Some sound advice, Josh. The problem I have, sometimes I hide a stash so well I can’t remember where the dough is when I need it !

  2. sam May 20, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    Wonderfully funny and helpful essay.

    thanks, Josh.

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