Graffiti VS Petroglyphs

15 Jun

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Long after hard drives have crashed and cd’s are rendered useless, rock art will continue to carry our messages into the future.

so different from ancient rock art?

Looking at the layers paint I can easily imagine a future civilization trying to piece together clues about our era from bits of faded graffiti. ‘Who was this artists?’ they might ask, ‘What was he trying to communicate?’

We put so much faith in digital information. We seem to intrinsically trust its infallibility. But files may be corrupted and systems may crash, leaving the written word and the aerosol art to tell our story.

Take these native petroglyphs…

Petroglyphs at Capitol Reef National Park

Pre-Columbian cultures carved these figures in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah over 1,000 years ago. Images of deer, celestial objects, hunters and sheep hold testament to the life of North American native cultures.

Had they left iPods instead of rock art we would know little or nothing of their existence. If the Rosetta stone was a online database and not a slab of granodiorite, we would likely still be baffled by Egyptian hieroglyphs…

What are you carving into stone?


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