5 dollar fun in Seattle

30 Jul

For five bucks you can have a jolly old time in Seattle.

photo by bensonkua

$5 will get you two coffees in most cafes in Seattle, enough for you and a friend to chill out at an outdoor patio table or cozy up inside a bookstore.

Some of my favorite chilled out cafes in Seattle are; Zietgiest coffee (Pioneer Square), Cafe Umbria (Pioneer Square), Bauhaus (Capitol Hill), Freshy’s (West Seattle), Stumptown (Capitol Hill), Cafe Vita (Capitol Hill) and Travelers (Capitol Hill)

Tis the season to spread a blanket on the grass and settle in a few hours of magazine browsing and people watching in some of Seattle’s many parks. While parks are free, your $5 would be well spent on a few pieces of fruit and a bottle of water.

Some of my favorite parks to chill and people watch are; Alki beach (West Seattle), Cal Anderson Park (Capitol Hill), Volunteer Park (Capitol Hill), Madison Park (Leschi/Madison) and Myrtle Edwards (Eliot Bay waterfront).

At Cal Anderson park your five bucks would be well spent on a scoop of Molly Moons ice cream to be gobble across the street on the grass.

Yes, it is quiet difficult to walk into a bar and only spend $5, but a fiver will grab you a pint in almost any bar in Seattle.

Some of my favorites are; Pioneer Square Saloon (Pioneer Square), Elysian Fields (Stadium district), Bimbo’s (Capitol Hill), Linda’s (Capitol Hill)…

But the real penny pinching pleasures lie in cheap or free table games and vintage arcade machines.

I go to Lava Lounge and Canterbury for shuffle board.
Shorty’s for Pinball.
Pioneer Square Saloon for Foosball.
Owl and Thistle for darts.

For a few bucks more you can enjoy pool tables at Temple Billiards and bowling/pool at Garage. For your Arcade fix head to Gameworks, Jillians or the Miner’s Landing arcade.

2 bus tickets
1 cheap cover charge
1 water taxi ride to Alki
3 taco truck carnitas
1 used paper back
1 avocado and 1 baguette
1 shoe shine
1 Pike Place Market Bouquet
30 minutes of fun at the Miners Landing Arcade
1/2 mile pedicab ride
I also one met a guy who will do 3 back flips for 3 bucks, not a bad deal

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