11 hours wandering around

31 Jul

Left the house at 3pm to sit in Pioneer Square and wait for the #11 to take Bridget and I to Madison park. About 4 miles away, up and over two hills, the park offers grassy knolls and a floating dock that features a high dive.

I wade out into the water ( Bridget stays on shore, she hates chilly water ) and when I am waist deep I lunge forward to get it over with. I enjoy swimming underwater and like to keep my eyes open. Everything is a hazing green and brown and bars of sunlight warble through the depths.

I dive and lounge on the dock then we head across the street for some mediocre and expensive food. Feeling demoralized by how shitty and pricey the grub was we bus back to Capitol Hill and get a scoop of Molly Moons ice cream, the best damn ice cream in Seattle. Strawberry balsamic reduction, yum. We wander the neighborhood and day dream about available condos with amazing views of the space needle cast into relief by the sunset.

Bridget has never been to the trendy bar Chapel so we dip in as the dj starts spinning. Chapel is thus called because it used to be a chapel for a funeral home and still retains much of its dignified, austere beauty.

Chapel has dozens of martinis, some cool lasers and a good Friday night dj.

We swagger out of Chapel and it doesn’t take much to get us to Von’s, downtown, to enjoy their signature house martinis which are only $3.50.

Then we walk the 1.6 miles home.
All and all, a damn good day.

The best days are those spent wandering, living in the moment, discovery like a person who only has one day. Sometimes it can be hard to do that in your home town. Today it wasn’t.


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