ode to late night blogging

20 Aug

oh jesus christ
it’s 1am!
Petter Frampton asks me how i feel in my blue screen lit bubble that exists in the dark of the sleeping house

And I still don’t have a feature photo.
Flickr search from my office chair perch.
my desk; tiger balm ointment, baby snakes made of usb cords and memory jacks, lists: circled, scratched, crossed out, enumerated, underscored, highlighted, and annotated…

ahd some gin, so what?!
gonna blame a late night bloggin dude to have a night cap, i mean come on! You’re asleep or on facebook, I am bloggin dude! blogging, like a real man. So don’t judge me, man.
If Shakespeare was here, shit, if Jesus was here…that dude would blog, blog the shit outta them gospels. All I’m saying, is blogging is noble, an art.

damn this is a long song

Blog Olympics, anybody thought of that one yet?

How does Peter Frampton get the guitar to talk anyways?

ok, gotta get back to blogging now


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