Where have You Been Joshywashignton?

17 Mar

Dude, it has been a while! I have been blogging on my new travel site, traveling, cooking up other projects and cooking wontons.

Well, for starters I was planning and executing a 5 week trip across Argentina which took up most of much of Jan and all of Feb. As a result all of my blogging energy has gone towards publishing travel content on my new site…Travel Media Ninja.

I have some other pots on the proverbial stove, some projects and new travels are in the works and I will let the lid off for you to take a whiff soon enough.

Other than that, it is business as usual in Seattle. Enjoying dinners out with Bridget, playing Kinect for Xbox 360 and continuing to explore the city on my mountain bike.

So are you done blogging here or what??

Noooooo, I have just taken a little holiday, trying to grow my new site and throw fuel on the travel media fire. Joshywashington.wordpress will continue to be a refuge for me to rant and be weird and fascinate you with the irreverent nonsense that fill my life.

Please Subscribe to my Travel Media Ninja RSS feed and share any content you like on Stumble, Facebook and Twitter. Pretty please with sugar on top.


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