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Please Check Out My New Site : Travel Media

9 Dec

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Please join me at my new website for my latest travel adventures.

I wanted to let you know that I have created a new site, that will be the home for my travel related content moving forward. I chose to create a new site for a number of reasons; I wanted to switch from to for more theme options, more functionality and options.

Pretty please subscribe to my new site, “like” my homepage on Stumble and if you feel called share on Facebook, Twitter ect…

I wanted to give my media concerning travel, travel lifestyle and travel media projects a dedicated URL. I also wanted the increased SEO capabilities and design options that a site allows.

I chose to do this now because I have impending travels to South America afoot, I am creating more travel related content in the Seattle area and am planning projects that need a good home.

This blog will remain my sounding board for the rest of my life, my ramblings, personal life and any other Joshywashington stuff that isn’t really travel related. I will still be updating this blog but the tone will be more personal, off topic and well…whatever I feel like writing!

You will notice that some of my favorite travel content from this site is also on Travel Media Ninja, I exported the contents of this blog and used that as a base for TMN. There are several posts from the last year blogging here that I wanted to share with any new audience that TMN may have moving forward.

Currently there are 8 new posts on Travel Media Ninja that I think my friends here would enjoy.

As always, thank you for being who you are and for connecting with me on this journey.


how to explain social media to your relatives

21 Aug

They don’t get, and you should just stop where you are, because they aren’t going to get it.

‘Why would anybody care about what I am doing all of the time? I am making humus, so what?’

You say, it’s not about the minutia of your existence but sharing in common experiences and connecting with niche groups around the world.

They call social media ‘The Facebook’.

‘Who cares if I am making humus?

How humus turned into a metaphor for social networking you don’t readily know, but maybe you can use it.

Well, people who love humus! That’s who! So you write a blog and include your favorite humus recipe and who knows, maybe somebody will use it and comment…

‘Who cares?’

You care. You care about the comments and people liking your humus. It’s not about who has the best humus, but rather it’s about that we all love humus, you see?

‘I will never tweet.’ They declare.

You don’t have to tweet. If fact it is probably better if you don’t.


ode to late night blogging

20 Aug

oh jesus christ
it’s 1am!
Petter Frampton asks me how i feel in my blue screen lit bubble that exists in the dark of the sleeping house

And I still don’t have a feature photo.
Flickr search from my office chair perch.
my desk; tiger balm ointment, baby snakes made of usb cords and memory jacks, lists: circled, scratched, crossed out, enumerated, underscored, highlighted, and annotated…

ahd some gin, so what?!
gonna blame a late night bloggin dude to have a night cap, i mean come on! You’re asleep or on facebook, I am bloggin dude! blogging, like a real man. So don’t judge me, man.
If Shakespeare was here, shit, if Jesus was here…that dude would blog, blog the shit outta them gospels. All I’m saying, is blogging is noble, an art.

damn this is a long song

Blog Olympics, anybody thought of that one yet?

How does Peter Frampton get the guitar to talk anyways?

ok, gotta get back to blogging now

11 hours wandering around

31 Jul

Left the house at 3pm to sit in Pioneer Square and wait for the #11 to take Bridget and I to Madison park. About 4 miles away, up and over two hills, the park offers grassy knolls and a floating dock that features a high dive.

I wade out into the water ( Bridget stays on shore, she hates chilly water ) and when I am waist deep I lunge forward to get it over with. I enjoy swimming underwater and like to keep my eyes open. Everything is a hazing green and brown and bars of sunlight warble through the depths.

I dive and lounge on the dock then we head across the street for some mediocre and expensive food. Feeling demoralized by how shitty and pricey the grub was we bus back to Capitol Hill and get a scoop of Molly Moons ice cream, the best damn ice cream in Seattle. Strawberry balsamic reduction, yum. We wander the neighborhood and day dream about available condos with amazing views of the space needle cast into relief by the sunset.

Bridget has never been to the trendy bar Chapel so we dip in as the dj starts spinning. Chapel is thus called because it used to be a chapel for a funeral home and still retains much of its dignified, austere beauty.

Chapel has dozens of martinis, some cool lasers and a good Friday night dj.

We swagger out of Chapel and it doesn’t take much to get us to Von’s, downtown, to enjoy their signature house martinis which are only $3.50.

Then we walk the 1.6 miles home.
All and all, a damn good day.

The best days are those spent wandering, living in the moment, discovery like a person who only has one day. Sometimes it can be hard to do that in your home town. Today it wasn’t.

Graffiti VS Petroglyphs

15 Jun

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Long after hard drives have crashed and cd’s are rendered useless, rock art will continue to carry our messages into the future.

so different from ancient rock art?

Looking at the layers paint I can easily imagine a future civilization trying to piece together clues about our era from bits of faded graffiti. ‘Who was this artists?’ they might ask, ‘What was he trying to communicate?’

We put so much faith in digital information. We seem to intrinsically trust its infallibility. But files may be corrupted and systems may crash, leaving the written word and the aerosol art to tell our story.

Take these native petroglyphs…

Petroglyphs at Capitol Reef National Park

Pre-Columbian cultures carved these figures in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah over 1,000 years ago. Images of deer, celestial objects, hunters and sheep hold testament to the life of North American native cultures.

Had they left iPods instead of rock art we would know little or nothing of their existence. If the Rosetta stone was a online database and not a slab of granodiorite, we would likely still be baffled by Egyptian hieroglyphs…

What are you carving into stone?

What is Your Travel Power Animal?

10 Jun

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What beast best represents your travel style?

Photo by leosagnotti ~


The serpent glides under the radar, slithering through spaces many can’t. Serpents are coy and confident but though they move fast and strike fast, they can’t see more than a few feet in front of them.


Clear sighted and high flying, the eagle travels with her head full of lofty thoughts and looks at everything through the lens of history or as a philosophical quandary. High the clouds the eagle can zero in on finer details that many can’t discern.


Penguins waddle in pairs that never leave each others side. Penguin travelers trundle happily along slowly and are often geriatric and covered in sun cream.


Dolphins are sleek, well muscled/toned, smelling of rum and sun tan lotion and enjoy recreational sex.


Scorpions have developed a hard shell from a life on the road alone. They trust no one but their mother and often have multiple weapons on their person. Scorpions may also have weather beaten, sun faded tattoos that look dubious in nature.


The snail traveler is he whom carries his whole home from place to place. He lingers lazily and lets the journey sweep him along in his tent/17 foot camper. Snails are usually friendly and free with their conversation and hospitality. Snails have usually amassed a huge stockpile of miscellaneous items so they may be helpful when you need a 5/8ths wrench or coffee filter.


Monkeys travel in groups, swinging from village to village partying and trying to swoon local babes. Monkeys are often drunk, fresh out of University and derive a profound pleasure from the debauched group think of tipsy rugby players. Monkeys generally make too much noise and too much of a mess.


Buzzing from one colorful destination to the next, snapping photos and snippets of video, jotting notes, and blogging nightly…collecting the digital nectar from each location brings the bumblebee great joy.


Drunk, filthy, gluttonous and flatulent, the porcine traveler likes to wallow in the darkest, dirtiest holes. When the swine finds a suitable place to roll in their vices they often stay for long stretches of time. Often older men pissing penchants away in developing world brothels, the swine can be excellent resources for practical local knowledge.


Lacking a central nervous system and languidly gliding along, the jellyfish traveler has neither direction or worry. Jellyfish doesn’t make waves and somehow moves profound distances by riding the undercurrent and by going with the flow.


Huddled nude in yurt communes, the naked mole rat travelers are fond of drums circles, group sex, Tofurky, sweat lodges and hallucinogenic substances. Found in numbers near beaches, naked mole rats are adorned in little more than hemp, shells and blown glass.


The peacock cannot step out for sightseeing with their matching D&G glasses and belt. Ever preening, and posing for self photos, the peacock sees the world as a back drop for their gorgeous self. Peacocks carry a formidable arsenal of beauty products and may dream of hosting a travel show from Ibiza.


dream work

25 May

in the last 72 hours I have been subject to intensifying dreams that seem to portend some great movement within me

Jumbled images and intense feelings of guilt, anguish, shame and confusion flicker one after another as I sleep. My dream life seems to be beating on the door of my consciousness.

last night

A house breaks open like a seedpod and from the earth below a golden, crystalline structure spirals upward.

I rush to the basement of the house and see stacks of gold bars and begin to haul them up before they are lost to the churning of the new structure. This treasure shouldn’t be wasted, I could use it. After a while I notice that the personal items of Bridget and I are also in this basement and I abandon my effort to save the gold bars and begin frantically hauling our stuff in flimsy bags. I throw the bags in a pile and begin to grow afraid that I cannot save it all.

Images of the golden spiral reaching higher, glinting in the light of dawn, are shown to me and I no longer try to save anything that the old house contained.

Awake, Bridget has already made coffee and I gratefully drink the cup as we prop against the wall on pillows.

The dream, a direct message, still commands the center of my focus (hence the blog).
What am i holding on to?
What trash am I trying to save?
What am I identifying as important as it is swept under by a vastly more beautiful and complex structure?
Before I can tell Bridget about my dream she mentions that in dream symbolism that houses are often regarded as an aspect of your higher self, “the mansions of the soul”.

What is being born in me and why am I afraid it will destroy my gold bars and boxes of dusty books?